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Why Is Concrete Repairs Important?

Concrete is an extremely durable and malleable compound that forms the foundation of most buildings and infrastructure. Because of its high load bearing capacity, it is also an ideal choice for heavy commercial as well as residential construction. Unfortunately, over time concrete begins to crack or crumble, requiring repair work.

The type of concrete repairs in Aurora, IL needed depends on a number of factors such as age, wear and tear from weathering and traffic, the structural conditions in which the building was built etc. These repairs can take place at any time but usually occur during a construction project or when there is some damage to existing structures.

Concrete repair services can be categorized based on the underlying cause. For example, moisture penetration is often the main cause of concrete cracks. These typically occur when the concrete becomes saturated with water, a frequent occurrence in areas where it is exposed to direct sunlight or takes a lot of heat from a building’s HVAC system.

Cracking caused by frost can also occur when the compression strength of concrete is compromised by freezing water. This usually happens because temperatures are too low for the proper expansion characteristics of concrete and there is insufficient covering over it due to poor foundation conditions or inadequate drainage in underground construction.

Cracking may also be caused by other external factors such as changes in temperature or precipitation, large amounts of pressure, excessive vibration and impact damage to the concrete surface.

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Remedies for Concrete Repair Services

Depending on the cause, concrete cracks may require different techniques. As mentioned above, concrete repair work can be carried out during a construction project when there is a problem but it is usually best to do this at the time of construction since it can alter the design. Fortunately there are many methods that can be used to prevent water penetration in beforehand and minimize this problem in the long term.

Cracks caused by frost are often remedied by keeping the concrete surface dry and increasing insulation in the area of concern.

Remedies can also be applied to cracks that form as a result of structural challenges such as aging structures. For example, in areas where the temperature drops below freezing even in the summer, concrete may be modified to increase its resistance to cold temperatures.

In some parts of the world, concrete cracks may also need to be filled with special compounds that react with salt ions and other compounds present in groundwater which damage concrete. This is particularly an issue when using reclaimed water for irrigation or building nearby a water source where contaminants can seep into concrete and cause cracking.