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Everything to know about franchise SEO and its features

There is always the issue of scale for search marketers, and given that franchise SEO might have several locations, this problem is not going away any time soon. Maintaining a high level of search engine optimization (SEO) for a site becomes exponentially more difficult as its geographic reach expands and the number of landing pages and content it contains grows accordingly. When an outdated CMS is added to the mix, along with franchisee-created content and tracking problems, the situation may quickly become quite frightening.

Latest Developments Regarding Franchises:

Many franchise firms have sought Go Fish Digital’s assistance with their search engine optimization techniques, and we have been happy to provide that assistance. The structure I’ll discuss in this essay will help you identify and fix the most prevalent difficulties with these campaigns.

Franchise SEO refers to a suite of strategies developed to increase the rankings of franchise websites. These websites promote a parent company’s brand nationally while providing regionalized versions of the site for each of the company’s locations. Scaling up keyword research, making landing pages for specific regions, and eliminating duplicate content are all strategies.

Franchise SEOs, in general, should always consider scalability, local site quality, and frequent technical challenges with franchise sites. In the following, I’ll describe a few of our preferred methods for managing a franchise website.

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Things To Know About Franchises:

Most franchisees have difficulty expanding because they provide different services in many locations. A national plumber, for instance, may provide twenty different services in fifty strategically essential areas.

In the world of franchises, there is no such concept as a “national” rating. There is a presumption of local relevance in every search that includes a geographic modifier, such as “commercial cleaning.”


If you do a search using this style, Google will automatically return results that are relevant to your location. When monitoring your keywords on a “national” scale, you won’t learn anything about your exposure to actual consumers.

You may use the location function included in most rank monitoring tools to keep tabs on a term’s performance in a particular region. You may narrow your search region to the ZIP code level with several programs. We like utilizing stats programs like STAT (shown) to keep tabs on these rankings.